Calvin and Hobbes Explaining my weekend

Whenever I get sick at a weekend or on holiday, I seem to maintain the mentality of a 6 year old. See above. Advertisements

Look at my Earrings!

The birds, called oxpeckers, are actually there to help get ticks and bugs off the impala. This photo was taken in a Safari park in South Africa. The birds also eat earwax and… Continue reading

My everest

I returned from Paris today. I saw the Louvre, I saw the Orsay Museum, I went to the top of the Eiffel Tower, I took a midnight cruise along the Seine, yet this… Continue reading

Something to make you smile

Meet Samsung. His owner adopted him a couple of hours before he was going to be put down. Needless to say he got a happy ending but the story brought tears to my… Continue reading

Time is of the Essence

Photography is all about the timing. There are countless blogs and websites dedicated to perfectly timed photographs. Take a look at this one, there is a perfect moment where a wasp stings someone. How… Continue reading

Back to the Future

  2 years ago, a photographer by the name of Irina Werning decided to bring her subjects “Back to the Future” She took baby photos they had and recreated them down to the… Continue reading


RAK: Random Act of Kindness My family have a tradition. It will probably make us sound quite odd but here it goes: We do RAKS. For example, last week we were out for… Continue reading

Things No One Told US GROWING UP

I found this other WordPress site. It’s brilliant. I can’t pinpoint the specific moment it happened, but recently I have been using the phrase “my parents were actually right about that” a LOT… Continue reading


Activists of the animal-rights group AnimaNaturalis protest naked while covered with fake blood against the use of fur in the textile industry in Madrid. The group are known for their outlandish and often… Continue reading

War wounds

This is Hassan Mekki. He’s a 32 year old man from Sudan. He fled his country to seek a better life in Greece. When he arrived in Greece he was attacked by a… Continue reading


Feel like I’m a little late to the party with this one, however, I watched the documentary catfish for the first time over the weekend. A cautionary tale about finding love online, Catfish… Continue reading

The House that can’t be Moved

This image has gone viral over the last week. An elderly Chinese couple have refused to move despite plans for a road to a railway station to be built where the building stands. Acting… Continue reading

My Dogs

A personal one from me, these are my 2 dogs sleeping in front of the open fire in my house. My mother, coming from a stereotypical country household insists on an open fire… Continue reading

Cat-People Vs Dog-People

As mentioned in most posts, I am a dog person. Are you a cat person? This may help you decide. Dubbed a modern experiment, a guy arrives home from work to be greeted by… Continue reading

And I thought I was getting old!

Thomas the tortoise who survived the Blitz, has just celebrated its 130th Birthday in Britain. Interesting Fact about Thomas: He’s female. Thomas was rescued after she was discovered in a house in 1945,… Continue reading

Crufts for Cats

Welcome to the Crufts for Cats. The Supreme Championship Cat Show is the biggest cat show in Europe. Hosted in Birmingham’s NEC arena, cat lovers bring their much loved pet’s to be admired.… Continue reading

More insight from Calvin and Hobbes

Saul Gabarri Valdes

Sorry to start off on a sadder note on a Monday morning… Saul Gabarri Valdes, 7, (pictured) cries amongst the remains of his home after it was demolished at the Spanish gypsy settlement… Continue reading

The Countdown is on

I’m not a Christmas fan. My sister is. She wants to put up the tree already. I don’t get it. That probably makes me sound a bit grinch-esque, however, it’s not a hatred… Continue reading

On a Lighter Note

This is Wolfgang Grenses walking his dog….and his sheep. Grenses is a volunteer shepherd from Northern Germany. The sheep you see in the photo was orphaned at 6 weeks old and Grensens has… Continue reading

I feel like a dog’s bark…ruff

I often feel like these images are photo shopped. Is there anyone that would really want their foot to permanently look like it’s part of a ballerina outfit? Welcome to the wonderful world… Continue reading

One of those weeks!

A woman clings to her dog amid the ruins which Hurricane Sandy has left in its wake. As you can see here, I’m a dog lover and therefore this photo made me cry… Continue reading

For the First Time…

I’d like to start off my first post with the photo which stuck out to me most this week. Carlos Daniel Gonzalez, 6 and his sister Izabel, 4, cling to each other after… Continue reading