One of those weeks!

Adrees Latif—Reuter

A woman clings to her dog amid the ruins which Hurricane Sandy has left in its wake.

As you can see here, I’m a dog lover and therefore this photo made me cry and cover my eyes. It was one of those eye covering moments where you have to move your fingers apart very slowly until you’ve seen enough to remove the hand in its entirety.

My Dad works mostly from New York, and both my parents were there when the Hurricane struck. They said the damage was horrific.

Click here for more photos of the hurricane.


Isaac Cordal

How cool are these guys?


Isaac Cordal is an Urban Artist (posh name for a perpetrator of  Graffiti back in my day) he’s currently installing things he likes to call ‘Cement Eclipses’ around cities in Europe. I would strongly suggest checking out his website for pictures of other small men wading through ponds and pavements.

WARNING: His website has a macabre message of death and these guys mightn’t look so cute afterwards.

Not to harp on about dogs too much but I found this article fascinating. 

“Scientists restored movement to the dogs’ hind legs by bridging breaks in the spinal cord using olfactory ensheathing cells (OECs) taken from their noses.”


In English, I think that means smart people are taking cartilage like cells from dogs noses to repair the broken bones in their spinal chord.

I’m not usually one to support animal testing, but I can only imagine that this is definitely a few steps in the right direction for dogs and humans!