About Me

Hi there! My name is Caoimhe and I’m a Journalism and Visual Media student in Ireland. I’ve just turned 24 and although I would love to think that means I’m wiser, more mature and more sensible than I was when I was 23, in reality I’m just poorer, sillier than ever and not learning from my mistakes just yet…

I’m obsessed with my dog to the extent where I’m convinced he knows what I talk to him about, and he talks back in his own way (mainly licking my face like the last bit of Pedigree Chum in the world is on it). Other interests include sport, dancing, documentaries…..but mainly the dog.

The main theme of the blog is photography. I pick out 4-5 photographs that have spoken to me throughout the week and give you a little bit of background on them. Hopefully they’ll speak to you too! If you have any photos that you would like me to take into consideration for the blog, please don’t hesitate in leaving a link to it in the comment section!