On a Lighter Note

Ulrich Perrey, AFP / Getty Images

This is Wolfgang Grenses walking his dog….and his sheep. Grenses is a volunteer shepherd from Northern Germany. The sheep you see in the photo was orphaned at 6 weeks old and Grensens has decided to raise it as part of his family. Adorably, the lamb’s name is Wally. Click the image to see more photos of Wally and his dog brothers and sisters.

Surely there’s a Disney movie in the works here….

Ever Feel like Calvin and Hobbes on a Monday?

This is a Bird of Paradise trying to engage in a mating ritual.

 The male bird actually tries to dance to seduce the female. Imagine that was human’s only hope of keeping us alive….

The bird of paradise photograph actually belongs to a funny article on one of my favourite websites. The article, entitled “15 More Images You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped”. Click here to see the rest of the article.

Warning: Parental Discretion is Advised