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RAK: Random Act of Kindness

My family have a tradition. It will probably make us sound quite odd but here it goes:

We do RAKS.

For example, last week we were out for dinner in a restaurant beside my parents’ house. My parents go there about 3 times a week and at this stage they’re part of the furniture. Last week, I joined them for a meal and when we were finishing I saw a glint in my father’s eye. I knew what was coming next. “It’s time for a RAK” he said. We looked around, the restaurant was busy but there was a couple of tourists in the corner. They were in their 60’s and reading from a “German to English” dictionary.

When the waiter came with our bill, my father asked for their bill also. He paid and we left, they didn’t find out until they had finished their meal that we had paid and we didn’t get to see their reaction.

These RAKS happen weekly and it’s been passed down to me and my sisters. It’s usually quite contagious, if you do something nice for someone, they in turn will do something nice for a complete stranger also.

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